7 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Musicians

If you’re a band, musician, singer or independent artist looking to raise funds, the following list of crowdfunding sites should help you get started. Last week we covered the topic of niche specific crowdfunding sites and in this article we’re focused on providing you the best resources for sites dedicated specifically to the music industry where you can start your own campaigns and begin receiving pledges.

Marketing directly to your fans has many great advantages and can really help you fuel your project and get your career started a lot quicker. Whether you’re looking to launch your first album, seeking support to help you go on tour or whatever the case may be there are now more ways than ever before to help you do just that.

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Please note: All sites listed below are not in any particular order.



PledgeMusic is one of the more popular and well established crowdfunding sites out there for musicians. It was launched back in 2008 and is operated by a large staff that is dedicated to helping you (the artist) launch and succeed with your music funding campaign. Their main goal is to help you take control of your career by providing a platform which helps you get the funds you need to produce your record.

PledgeMusicVisit the official PledgeMusic website

Sell A Band

Sell A Band - where fans invest in music

Back when it initially launched in 2006, Sell A Band got off to a bit of a rocky start but has since evolved into one of the most successful fundraising sites dedicated to music artists.

Their mission statement is as follows:

To unite Artists and Fans in an independent movement that aims to level the playing field in the global music industry.

Sell A Band has been recognized over the years by several top news & media agencies as well as influential people in the music industry for their great service which helps fans support the new music they love. In total, they have helped independent artists raise over $4,000,000.00 and counting to help fund and make their musical dreams come true.

Sell A BandVisit the official Sell A Band website


ArtisteConnect crowdfunding site for musicians

We’ve mentioned ArtisteConnect a few times here at Starting Trends and for good reason. They provide a great fundraising portal which connects fans and investors with up and coming musicians.

ArtisteConnectVisit the official ArtisteConnect website


Oocto fundraising site for musicians

Oocto is an “all or nothing” funding portal which connects investors with musicians. They are both a crowdfunding as well as crowdsourcing website. Musicians can start fundraising campaigns but at Oocto they can also find highly skilled professionals in the music industry who provide services they need to help get started.

OoctoVisit the official Oocto website

Feed the Muse

Feed the Muse crowdfunding site for artists and musicians

Even the smallest donations can go a long way, especially for a talented musician just starting out. At Feed the Muse their slogan is “Fueling Creativity $1 at a time“. They are dedicated to helping bridge the gap between fans and artists which as a result helps musicians gain more exposure, funding and a way to establish their career and a name for themselves. It’s all about the fans and the music.

Feed the MuseVisit the official Feed the Muse website



TuneFund is one of the newer kids on the block so to say. Just a few days ago they distributed a press release announcing the launch of their new site which is niche specific and dedicated solely to musicians.

You can click the text link below to read their full press release on the popular Crowdsourcing.org website or click the button to visit their official site.

TuneFund Launch Press Release April 10, 2012

TuneFundVisit the official TuneFund website


ArtistShare helping musicians raise funds

Last but by no means not least we present you with ArtistShare. They are the longest running fan funding platform for musicians online and have been around since 2003 which is long before the term “crowdfunding” even existed. Some of the talented artists who launched their fundraising project & got their start on ArtistShare have even gone on to win Grammy Awards.

ArtistShare was founded by Brian Camelio, who is also the CEO of the company, and just last week in fact he launched a video on YouTube explaining how the ArtistShare model works. Check out the video below!

ArtistShareVisit the official ArtistShare website
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Darryl Burma

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