Exclusive Interview With Pubslush VP Amanda Barbara

Amanda BarbaraWe recently had the pleasure and opportunity of interviewing Amanda Barbara, a philanthropist, successful female entrepreneur and Vice President of the niche crowdfunding site for authors Pubslush.com.

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Please tell us a bit about Pubslush.com.

Pubslush is a global crowdfunding and analytics platform only for books. Authors can raise funds, understand their audience, and publish successfully via self-publishing or traditional publishing.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your current role at Pubslush.com.

I am a 25 year old based in Manhattan who lives and breathes her start-up. My official title at Pubslush is Vice President but my role is ever changing. I manage an amazing team who together creates new and innovative ideas to keep up with the trends in the publishing industry.

What differentiates your crowdfunding platform from others that are out there?

Only for Books:

Personalized Service – The Pubslush team takes great pride in providing one on one service to all our authors. We are an organic, hands on company that focuses on educating our users and providing the most valuable and up to date resources and tools to facilitate the publishing process.

Analytics – Pubslush offers a special service to all authors called Market Analytics. At the end of your book campaign you will receive a detailed demographic summary breaking down important information regarding your supporters such as location, age, gender, and traffic source. This is a powerful tool for the author to use in planning the most effective future marketing and advertising campaigns.

Buy Button: Our support doesn’t end with the campaign. Pubslush continues to drive traffic to the author post-campaign with our “buy button” feature. Once an author publishes their book, Pubslush will link the successful campaign to the book’s Amazon page, connecting our audience to books brought to life through our site.

Flexible funding- Determine a book’s viability by setting a dollar threshold. Pubslush offers flexible funding, which allows authors to keep all funds they raised after they reach their minimum.

Free, Risk-free – No costs! Pubslush charges a 4% commission plus third party processing fees upon completion of a successful campaign. There is no charge at all unless the campaign is successful, so Pubslush is a risk-free way to raise funds for your book project!

What type of support do you offer those who use your platform to raise funds (campaigns pre-launch, promotion, etc..)?

The Pubslush team works diligently with each author to help create a plan for pre campaign, during campaign and post campaign plan to ensure success. We strive to educate our authors about how to find success on our platform and in the publishing industry.

Please tell us a bit about your Pubslush Ambassador Programs.

The Pubslush Ambassadors work to spread the word about Pubslush and encourage others to get involved, too. The Professional and Campus Ambassador Programs invite motivated and creative individuals from across the globe to participate in this ambitious and revolutionary movement.

Does your company help to promote/advertise books in any way once they have become funded on your site and eventually become published?

As a niche platform for books only, we are able to offer our authors an exclusive “buy” feature that allows us to continue to promote successful authors on our platform. Once a Pubslush author publishes their crowdfunded book, we will link their successful campaign to their Amazon page. Also, we have an entire “Books for Sale” category that features these titles and we are planning to curate a plentiful bookstore of titles crowdfunded through our platform.

Are you excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention & Bootcamp and what benefits do you think an event like this has to offer for individual crowdfunding companies?

So excited! Pubslush is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the industry and I’m sure many other crowdfunding platforms experience the same evolution. Since crowdfunding is so new, it’s important to foster discussion and relations between the industry pioneers. As with all technology, there’s always something new to learn and we can all benefit from the convergence of crowdfunding leaders and experts.

How much planning was involved in the launch of Pubslush.com?

Our crowdfunding platform evolved out of a different model, in which Pubslush was the publisher and if an author reached 1,000 pre-orders in 30 days, we published the book. Ultimately, we felt it closed our doors from working with many great people. After realizing the platform wasn’t the best it could be, we reworked it to develop a more effective process for all. Enter crowdfunding.
We had a strong base to begin from, but a lot of planning, networking and promotion was required to make the switch. Even now, our team works endlessly to promote our platform and educate our audience. The planning phase is over, but we are always brainstorming ways to be better and taking action to make those ideas come to life.

In your opinion, what different types of benefits do you believe a niche specific crowdfunding portal has that other multiple category intermediary funding portals may not?

Being a niche platform allows us to give our users specialized and individual support. We can really work on educating our audience and we can provide them with the means to make their project come to life post-campaign and with features like our “Books for Sale” section we can continue to provide support well after a campaign is complete.

Where would you like to see Pubslush.com 5 years from now?

As a pioneer and leader who has revolutionized the changing publishing industry and given a voice to authors who were unable to find their place in the traditional publishing landscape. We will be a vibrant literary community that brings together writers, readers, publishers and industry experts.

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